Silas’s neighbors
The villagers continued to discuss Silas and his lost gold, but they had no more explanations to offer. This disaster had gone good result. Little by little, Silas’s neighbors realized it was wrong to be suspicious of him. He was just a poor, simple, harmless man, who needed their help. They showed their new opinion of him in many different ways. Some of the women, who were baking cakes and preparing meat for Christmas, brought him present of food. Some of the men, who had nothing to give him stopped him in the village to ask about his health, or visited him to discuss the robbery.

Chapter 6
The New Year’s Eve dance
On December 31st all villagers arriving at the Red house. All ladies go upstairs to change your clothes for dancing. Godfrey Cass asked to dance with Nancy and she accepted, they went to dance into the large hall when music started, suddenly the Squire’s heavy foot stood on part of Nancy’s dress and some of the material was pulled away and they had to go to another room to repair her clothes. This is a best time for Godfrey to speak with her without any knocker. They spoke about their marriage, but just then Priscilla (Nancy’s sister) hurried in, saying, ‘the Squire waiting for you to come back to dance.’ they had to go to dance hall.

Chapter 7
Silas finds his ‘gold’
When all villagers were in the New Year’s Eve, Molly (Godfrey’s wife) went to Raveloe that was carrying her sleeping child in her arms. She had very tired, then she had to lie down, but she didn’t notice that the ground was cold.
In a few moment the child woke up, crying, and went away to a dancing light on the white ground. She arrived to the Silas’s cottage. She fallen down on the ground, and she was completely unconscious. Silas opened the door and took her to the cottage. When she became conscious again, she was crying, Silas understood, maybe, her mother fallen down near the cottage, he went out to find her, when he found her, immediate, he understood she can’t breathing then he went to the Red house whit child to find doctor. When they came back, they understood Molly was dead. Silas adopted the child and he called her, Eppie.
Godfrey Cass watched the little girl growing up. He often gave money to Silas to spend on her. He was looking forward to marrying Nancy very soon.

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