Godfrey is in trouble
After two days when Dunstan did not return home, Godfrey began to worry about wildfire. So he decided to go to look for his brother. He met his neighbor, John Bryce and asked about his brother and his horse. Mr. Bryce told him I thought your horse was dead and your brother scape.
Godfrey had to confess the whole truth to his father. Next day, Godfrey was already in the dining-room when his father arrived for breakfast. ‘Wildfire’s dead and I just feel sorry I can’t pay you. Fowler did pay the money to me and I was stupid enough to let Dunstan have it’, said Godfrey. The squire was very angry and told to Godfrey, you are wacky because I told you; you never lent money to your brother, I think you should get married with Miss Nancy. I speak to her father tonight. But Godfrey begged from his father; don’t say anything at the moment.
After squire ate breakfast he told to Godfrey if he doesn’t do what he wants, he’ll disinherit he and he can leave the house and if knows where Dunstan’s hiding- tell him he needn’t come home . . .

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