Eppie has grown up
Godfrey and Nancy Cass haven't had children- but Godfrey wanted them so much. They went to look at some of the fields near the old quarry every evening, and he saw Eppie sometimes. At the first moment Godfrey spoke adopting Eppie, he was relented.
Unlike Godfrey and Nancy, Silas and Eppie was sitting outside their door in the sunshine. Silas told to Eppie how her mother had died in the snow, and he had given her the dead woman's wedding ring. After that Eppie told her father that Aaron was talking to her about marriage. At night Silas want to speak with Dolly Winthrop (Aaron's Mother) about their marriage.

Chapter 9
Godfrey Confesses at last
The villagers were found Dunstan's body with Silas's gold when the quarry has suddenly gone dry. Then Godfrey had to confess the truth to Nancy. He told her, the dead woman that Silas found many years ago was his wife and Eppie is his girl. He married with Molly and he was afraid if he told the truth, Nancy didn't want to get married with him. At first Nancy was angry, but she advised him to adopt Eppie. At the end Godfrey decided to talk about this with Silas tonight.

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