Godfrey and Dunstan Cass
The most important person in Raveloe was Squire Cass, a gentleman farmer, who lived with his three sons in the handsome red house opposite the church. His wife had died many years before. His son’s name is Dunstan, Godfrey and Bob. Dunstan Cass is a bad one, he is. Always borrowing money, and never paying it back. Always gambling, always in trouble! He’ll come to a bad end, he will! But the other two are different. Bob Cass is still only a boy and Godfrey is got an open, honest face. He’s going to inherit the Squire’s money and all the land. And what’s more he’s going to marry Miss Nancy Lammeter.
One day, Godfrey was waiting for his brother in the sitting-room, with a very expression on his handsome face. Soon the door was opened and Dunstan entered. You must pay me back the money I lent you last month, said Godfrey. And I had to pay it to the Squire. Dunstan came close to Godfrey and smiled in an evil way and said, I don’t have money to pay to you. You have two ways; first of all you can borrow money from your friend and second of all you can sell your horse wildfire, and then pay the money to Squire. After a moment Godfrey accepted to sell wildfire and Dunstan get the horse to sell it to the hunter. Dunstan decided to enter to the competition with wildfire, then he borrowed wildfire to a rider but the wildfire and the rider was falling down and poor wildfire’s back was Brocken, and in a few moments he died. Dunstan had to come back to house without wildfire and without money. At the end of way, he arrived at the Silas Marner’s cottage. He knocked at the door loudly, but there was no reply. When he pushed the door, it opened and he entered. Dunstan remembered all villagers were talking about Silas’s Money, he looked round the cottage and he noticed a place on the floor, near the loom. He took out the two heavy bags filled with gold and hurried to the door.
Outside, the rain was falling heavily, and he could not see anything at all. Carrying the heavy bags, he stepped forward into the darkness.

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