Silas Marner, past and present
Silas Marner lived in a small cottage near the village of Raveloe. Every day he worked at his loom in the cottage. He was a linen-weaver. He was taking the linen, and he had woven to the woman in the villages. He was small and thin, with tired white face, bent back and round shoulder. He was often shortsighted too, because he had to look so closely at his work.
All people in Raveloe used to be very suspicious of all strangers and travelers. The villagers believed that Silas had an almost devilish power, which he cloud use to harm them if he wanted, and so they were all afraid of him.
Silas Marner had first come to Raveloe fifteen years before, as a young man. He and his way of life seemed very strange to the villagers. He worked long hours at his loom, and had no friends or visitors from the village or anywhere else.
The years passed, and Silas could find his best friend at the chapel was William Dane, and he trusted his friend completely. After that he became engaged to a young woman, Sarah, who belonged to same chapel like Silas.
At that time one of the chapel leaders was dangerously ill, and because he had no family, some of the young man offered to sit with him at night. One night Silas was sitting alone at the old man’s bedside, suddenly he realized that the man was no longer breathing. He was dead. Silas hurried out of the house to call the doctor and the minister, and then went to work as usual, still wondering why William had not arrived; he must arrived at two o’clock, but now four o’clock in the morning.
That evening, William comes to Silas room with the minister, and they wanted to get Silas to the chapel to answer few question about last night. Then, in the chapel, Silas stood alone, in front of all the people who were once his friend. There was a pocket-knife in the minister’s hand.
‘Where did you leave this knife?’ he asked.
They was thinking that Silas is a thief, because they found his knife in front of dead man’s bedside, and the bag of church money, has gone. They went to search Silas’s room and William found the missing bag, now empty, under Silas’s bed. After that all people went to get out Silas from the chapel will not be accepted back until he confess his crime.
At last he walked over to William Dan and said firmly, I lent you my knife, and you know that, you stole the money. William answered; this is the voice of devil speaking.
Silas went home. The next day he sat alone for the whole day. On the second day the minister came to tell him that Sarah had decided she could not marry him. Only a month later, Sarah married William Dane, and Silas shut himself away in his cottage. He did not want to think about the disaster he had experienced.
He worked very hard in his loom to save gold coins into piles. He didn’t need money, because he less spent on himself, but his gold became a habit, a delight, a reason for living, almost a religion.

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