We all make mistakes sometimes, when it comes to making mistakes there are always consecutions to your actions. But does it all depend on age? A new hot topic is life to prison without parole. Pennsylvania is leading state with life without parole for juveniles. Now many people have different opinions about this topic.
In my view being 18 and all, I believe that it is not fair for 13 teens and 14 teen years old, as I said before everyone makes mistakes and the age of these criminals there just little kids. They may know what right and wrong but I believe that they don’t know the consequences of their actions. The 8th amendment states cruel and unusual punishment. Many have told me that they believe that courts go around this amendment because they see all the evidence and want the family’s to get revenge and know it be unfair to not give them a full punishment. I believe that a certain age that the court would be allowed to step in is about 17. Letting a juvenile spend the rest of their life is unfair. They mine as well get the death penalty.
Some alternative punishments could be 10-year sentence and maybe a retrial, or depending on how bad the case is. I believe that the U.S is wrong for having given such critical punishments. They need a better and stricter rule about minors committing terrible crimes.

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